An Energy-Saving Adventure

­ Directions: With an adult, use this checklist to examine your home energy use. Then check your score. NOT YES YET Do you turn the heat down to 68 ° in winter, wear sweatshirts, and keep doors and windows closed? Do you keep air conditioning at 76-78 ° during the hot months? Do you turn off your computer or put it to sleep when not in use? Have you replaced your ordinary light bulbs with LEDs? Do you turn off your radio and CD player when you’re not using them? Are water-saving showerheads used in your bathrooms? Do you limit your showers to five minutes? Do you wash only full loads of clothes? Do you dry your clothes on a clothesline or rack? Your Score — Score 5 points for every “Yes” and 0 points for every “Not Yet.” 31 0 There’s a lot more you can do to save energy. 5 to 15 Good. You’re on your way! 20 to 30 Very Good. You’re obviously doing a lot to save energy. 35 to 45 Excellent. Congratulations on your super energy savings! Share your energy smarts with family and friends. Home Energy Inspection