Be Water Wise

2 3 WATER CAN BE A GAS, A LIQUID, OR A SOLID. Color all water blue. USER NOTES: Water is clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Water can be a liquid, a solid, or a gas. Water is found in the air (clouds, rain, and fog), on and under the ground (rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams), and in ice (hail, snow, sleet, and glaciers). WHERE DOES WATER COME FROM? USER NOTES: Water moves in a cycle. Water falls to earth as rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation. It evaporates into the air, forms clouds, and falls back to earth again as fresh water. Color the sun yellow. Color the clouds gray. Color the rain blue. Color the mountains brown. Color the streams and the rivers blue. Color the arrows blue. © 2014 Culver Media, LLC 800-428-5837 Product #35730 Run #5064 June 2014 Printed by Quad/Graphics, St. Cloud, MN