Be Water Wise

WE CAN SAVE WATER IN MANY WAYS! Circle the children who are saving water. Put an X on the children who are wasting water. USER NOTES: Save water by using a bucket of suds to wash the car, and do not leave the hose running. Water the lawn early in the day and do not water the sidewalk. SUMMARY REVIEW What form of water is this? (See page 2.) Where does water come from? (See page 3.) How do we use water? (See pages 5-6.) How can we save water? (See page 8.) Answers: Page 4: boat, plants, girl. Page 6: 1, 4, 2, 4. Page 7: sink on the left, washer in the center, boy in bathtub on the left. Page 8: circle children in upper left and lower left. X on children in upper right and